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Uses and Type of Pop-up Canopy Tents for Cover


Pop-up canopies offers a portable sun shelter. They are great to use for family reunions, functions, weddings, sports events. Great to use at farmers markets to flea markets – anywhere outdoors. A canopy gives on a roof type design and helps from having direct sun and other weather eliminates.

Pop-up canopies comes in two piece, a steel accordion frame and the canopy top. They are quick to assemble as the steel frames are in an accordion style, makes it easy to set up with a couple of people.

Frame materials
1) Aluminum is lighter in weight, but not durable like steel is and will tend to bend causing a canopy to collapse.
2) Steel frames are durable and will last for years. Make sure when purchasing one with a steel frame, the steel is powder-coated. Powder-coated steel is resistant to rusting, moisture, corrosion, chipping, and other elements. 

Canopy Top Material mainly used
1) Vinyl is heavier and not breathable like polyester taffeta is.
2) Polyester taffeta is used with making tents which is breathable, lower percentage of shrinkage and have a water resistant coating. Make sure to purchase a canopy made of Polyester taffeta.

Canopies comes in various sizes depending on what your needs are for using one.
5 ft to 8 ft – Is a good size for a farmers market stand, flea market, trade shows, craft fair or family size.
10 to 20 ft  – Is good for larger functions, reunions, receptions and weddings. Larger sizes will accommodate 4-6 tables.

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