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Essential Items for a Vehicle Trunk and Organizing It

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Most trunks tend to get cluttered by just adding items and not organizing them. There are times we don’t have essential items when we need them for our vehicle and emergencies. Let’s work on getting your trunk cleaned out to become organized so it’s not like this picture is.


One first needs to remove all items out of the trunk. Separate what you feel you really need to keep and what does not need to stay. Once all items are removed, vacuum and give it a cleaning if needed.

Now we will give you a list of items to keep in your vehicle at all times for vehicle repairs and an emergency kit.

For Your Vehicle Repairs
-Jumper Cables
-Spare Tire (check every few months that its not gone flat
-Jack and Lug nut Wrench
-Tire Pressure Gauge
-Road Flares
-Old blanket, scrap carpet,tarp or cardboard to lay on top of
-Shop Rags or roll of paper towels
-Work Gloves
-Flashlight (keep extra batteries)
-Quart of oil (one specified for your vehicle)
-Gallon of Antifreeze
-Window Washer Fluid
-Gallon of Water
-Box of Baking Soda (used for corroded batteries when mixed with water)
-Duct and Electrical Tape
-Battery Brush
-Hose Clamps
-Pocket Knife
-Ice Scraper (for snowy and freezing weather areas)
-Mechanic Tools Needed – combination wrenches (SAE & Metric), screwdriver (Phillips & flat head), pliers, sockets, spark plug socket, hammer

Emergency Safety Kit
-Bandage (20 of varies sizes)
-Gauze Pads
-Rolled Gauze
-Adhesive Tape
-Antibiotic Ointment
-Small Scissors
-Safety Pins
-Cotton Tips and Cotton Balls
-Eye Wash Solution
-Instant Cold Packs
-Wash Cloths
-Sanitary Wipes
-First Aid Booklet

Now that you have two lists of items to add into your vehicle, we need to organize the trunk. 


The Trunk Organizers gives you plenty of room to add items you want to keep in your car, along with it having a cooler tote for trips to your outing or back home from the market. The Trunk Boss you can have with your favorite NFL team or in a solid black with no logo print. Gives you plenty of room to put your item in, instead of just loose in a trunk. This will help keep your trunk organized.

We carry  Roadside Vehicle Tool Kits, that already in their storage case and the tools needed. Will save instead of going out and purchasing each piece individually.