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Picnic Time Pranzo Cooler Lunch Bag Review

Picnic Time Pranzo Cooler Lunch Bag

The Pranzo Cooler Lunch Bag is by Picnic Time. This lunch bag is made from a durable polyester with being insulated in the main compartment, that will keep food and drinks cold for 6 to 8 hours with adding a couple freezer gel ice packs. Has a padded hand carrying strap, along with an adjustable shoulder strap.

This lunch bag has two separate compartments. The main bottom compartment, which is insulated is for your cold foods and or drinks. Where the top lid section to keep chips and snacks for room temperature items. Front zippered pocket carries the flatware, salt & pepper shakers and cotton napkin that is all included. Even has two zippered mesh pockets on each side.

Whether you pack your lunch to your job, in and out of the car for sales and meeting this is a perfect lunch bag for you. Use when going to the lake. Pack it up and put in in your boat for food and snacks. This Pranzo Cooler Lunch Bag will even hold 8-12 ounce cans.

The Pranzo Cooler Lunch Bag comes in various solid colors of black, red and navy. There’s an Anthology print design, which has tiny ants in the polyester print. For ones who love Coca-Cola, the Pranzo is in red with Enjoy Coke silk screen print. If your a NFL fan, can choose with your favorite team logo on the front.

Harley Davidson motorcycle lovers has the Pranzo with a Harley Davidson patch on the front to carry with you on your bike or to take anywhere you go. Also don’t forget the soldiers and vets. This lunch bag even comes with U.S. Army digital print logo on the front for gift giving to your soldier or vets.

Who is Picnic Time?
Picnic Time was founded by Mario Tagliati and Gustavo Cosaro in 1982, Picnic Time’s mission was to create a product line that would inspire people to spend quality time with family and friends. This resulted in our creation of traditional and affordable European-style picnic baskets. Over the last 33 years, Picnic Time has become much more than just picnic items, by expanding their product line and adding categories that include innovative outdoor leisure, entertaining, and fabulous gift items, along with licensed theme products.

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Kids Play Tents and Tunnels Post

Kids Play Tents and Tunnels Blog post


Children’s play tents and tunnels will keep them entertained for hours. 2 to 3 yrs tunnels are ideal for them to climb in and out of, with both ends being opened. 3 and up play tents may have tunnels to attach, where some are tents only for a child’s use.

Tunnels are a long wide tube style covered in polyester fabric with covered over wire to keep the tunnels open. One need or the head comes in cute designs as insects, mammals to animals. Tunnels not only to keep them entertain, but also help young ones with motor skills. Teaching them how to climb in, crawl through and out of tunnels.

Tents allows children’s imagination grow. Teaches them social skills with interacting with two or more children. Play tents may look like an adult tent, but in child’s version. There are play tents in shape of pirate ships, castles, buildings to cars. Even have play tents that fit over their bed mattress for them to sleep alone or with a friend of sibling.

Both tents and tunnels may be used indoors or outdoors. Great for young toddlers to preschool to early elementary ages. Use for your own children, day cares, even one for Sunday school. Check out our selection of Play Tents and Tunnels.


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Uses and Type of Pop-up Canopy Tents for Cover


Pop-up canopies offers a portable sun shelter. They are great to use for family reunions, functions, weddings, sports events. Great to use at farmers markets to flea markets – anywhere outdoors. A canopy gives on a roof type design and helps from having direct sun and other weather eliminates.

Pop-up canopies comes in two piece, a steel accordion frame and the canopy top. They are quick to assemble as the steel frames are in an accordion style, makes it easy to set up with a couple of people.

Frame materials
1) Aluminum is lighter in weight, but not durable like steel is and will tend to bend causing a canopy to collapse.
2) Steel frames are durable and will last for years. Make sure when purchasing one with a steel frame, the steel is powder-coated. Powder-coated steel is resistant to rusting, moisture, corrosion, chipping, and other elements. 

Canopy Top Material mainly used
1) Vinyl is heavier and not breathable like polyester taffeta is.
2) Polyester taffeta is used with making tents which is breathable, lower percentage of shrinkage and have a water resistant coating. Make sure to purchase a canopy made of Polyester taffeta.

Canopies comes in various sizes depending on what your needs are for using one.
5 ft to 8 ft – Is a good size for a farmers market stand, flea market, trade shows, craft fair or family size.
10 to 20 ft  – Is good for larger functions, reunions, receptions and weddings. Larger sizes will accommodate 4-6 tables.

Come see our selection of  canopies available and our holiday special on selected canopies.


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Essential Items for a Vehicle Trunk and Organizing It

Essential-Items-for-a-Vehicle-Trunk-and-Organizing It-blog-post-hometooutdoors

Most trunks tend to get cluttered by just adding items and not organizing them. There are times we don’t have essential items when we need them for our vehicle and emergencies. Let’s work on getting your trunk cleaned out to become organized so it’s not like this picture is.


One first needs to remove all items out of the trunk. Separate what you feel you really need to keep and what does not need to stay. Once all items are removed, vacuum and give it a cleaning if needed.

Now we will give you a list of items to keep in your vehicle at all times for vehicle repairs and an emergency kit.

For Your Vehicle Repairs
-Jumper Cables
-Spare Tire (check every few months that its not gone flat
-Jack and Lug nut Wrench
-Tire Pressure Gauge
-Road Flares
-Old blanket, scrap carpet,tarp or cardboard to lay on top of
-Shop Rags or roll of paper towels
-Work Gloves
-Flashlight (keep extra batteries)
-Quart of oil (one specified for your vehicle)
-Gallon of Antifreeze
-Window Washer Fluid
-Gallon of Water
-Box of Baking Soda (used for corroded batteries when mixed with water)
-Duct and Electrical Tape
-Battery Brush
-Hose Clamps
-Pocket Knife
-Ice Scraper (for snowy and freezing weather areas)
-Mechanic Tools Needed – combination wrenches (SAE & Metric), screwdriver (Phillips & flat head), pliers, sockets, spark plug socket, hammer

Emergency Safety Kit
-Bandage (20 of varies sizes)
-Gauze Pads
-Rolled Gauze
-Adhesive Tape
-Antibiotic Ointment
-Small Scissors
-Safety Pins
-Cotton Tips and Cotton Balls
-Eye Wash Solution
-Instant Cold Packs
-Wash Cloths
-Sanitary Wipes
-First Aid Booklet

Now that you have two lists of items to add into your vehicle, we need to organize the trunk. 


The Trunk Organizers gives you plenty of room to add items you want to keep in your car, along with it having a cooler tote for trips to your outing or back home from the market. The Trunk Boss you can have with your favorite NFL team or in a solid black with no logo print. Gives you plenty of room to put your item in, instead of just loose in a trunk. This will help keep your trunk organized.

We carry  Roadside Vehicle Tool Kits, that already in their storage case and the tools needed. Will save instead of going out and purchasing each piece individually.

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Adding a Fire Pit to Your Backyard

Fire pits are nice to have for the cooler fall and cold winter months. Pre-made portable Fire Pits are made from steel for durability, that are purchased for use with propane or wood. Many fire pits also include a cooking grate so they can be used as an open grill to cook on.

Their attractive design adds an appeal to a back yard. They come is various shapes, cutout designs to sizes. Even outdoor fireplaces will help one stay warm on cold nights.

Built a block or pavers area to set the fire pits on and add a block seating or chairs that are heat resistant surrounding the fire pit for everyone to sit around and enjoy the heat from fire pits. Add some lighting and keep plenty of wood ready for your fire pit nights.

To help your fire pits last a life time add pea size gravel inside the bottom and top it off with coarse sand. This will help the steel from burning and prevents corrosion in the bottom of a fire pit.

If looking for a fire pit or outdoor fireplace we have a large selection for you to choose from.

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Cooking on a Grill for Beginners


Now that you just purchased your new grill, need to know how to cook on it. We are going to explain to you beginners how to cook baked potatoes, steaks and hamburgers. 

Once your coals are ready at their gray-ash state each type of meats, poultry, fish and foods require different ways and time just like cooking on a stove or baking in an oven. Make sure you always start with a clean cooking grate.

Knowing when to turn, how long to leave on the grill so your foods are cooked property is a skill of learning to be a successful at grilling. As a beginner at the grill start simple. Here we will give you the proper way to cook steaks, hamburgers and baked potatoes.

Spray your cooking grate with spray type cooking oil or pour some cooking oil on to a wad of paper towels and rub over the cooking grate. This will help from foods sticking and make it easier for cleaning.

Use a long handle tongs for turning and removing steaks and potatoes. A long handle and long, wide metal spatula used for turning hamburgers over. One does not want to use a fork as it will poke and cause the meat juices to escape, which can lead to being dry.

Season your steak and poultry with a dry rub of seasons for your taste. Hamburgers season with salt and pepper. Do not add a wet seasonings or barbecue sauces till the beginning. This will burn and not cook properly. Wet seasonings and barbecue sauces are added at the end if desired in using them.

Baked Potatoes 
Potatoes are very easy to cook on a grill, just takes time to cook as it would in an oven. Baked potatoes on a grill are cooked with an indirect heat. Cook them first before cooking other food products.

Thoroughly wash the whole potato with the skin on. Pat dry. Poke a few hole in the potato with a fork. This will allow the heat to even cooking and eliminate the potato from exploding while cooking on the grill.

Take a piece of tin foil long enough to cover the potato with about 2-3 inches extra. If using a thinner tin foil place two sheets on top of each other. Lay the potato in the center of the tin foil, lift up both sides above the potato, fold the top over about 1/2 inch, then fold again. Lay the folded tin foil down on over the potato and fold up about half way, then push lightly against the sides of the potato.

Placed the tin-foiled potatoes close to each other onto the grill on the hottest part of the coals. With the lid on, bake for 40-45 minutes. About 20-25 minutes turn the potatoes over with using long handle tongs. To test if the potatoes are done, poke in the center with a toothpick. Once removed from the grill with the use of an oven mitt open up the tin foil, cut potato in half to add the butter. Fold the tin foil back over till ready to eat. Sweet potatoes are great cooked on a grill and are cooked the same way you would with baked potato.


Steaks are cooked with direct heat, meaning with no lid. You want enough coals ready that lay from top to bottom and sides of the steaks. When cooking a steak on the cooking grate, one leaves it on one side then turns over only one time with use of the long handle tongs before removing.

Knowing when to turn the steaks are by how the grill marks appear on the bottom and starting to see the meat juices appear at the top. The grill marks will appear between 3 to 5 minutes. Longer left on the more well done the steaks before. If you get a flare up from the coals, which can be caused by fat and juices lift it up.

Never cut open a steak to see what cooked desire it is. This is tested by slightly pressing in the center of the steak with the long handle tong. These tips will help you determine the how the steak is cooked.

* Rare the touch feel will be very soft and push down with an imprint.
* Medium rare will push down lightly with a slight spring back up effect.
* Medium will feel firm with a spring back up once touched.
* Well done will feel very firm and not have the spring up effect.

Once removed steaks from the grill will continue to cook some, which is best to let it rest as it will keep the juices and not have a dried out steak. Now you can go grill your steaks to your perfection.


When preparing hamburger meat use a 80% lean/20% fat portion. Form your ground beef into a ball, then flatten out till 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch thick. The ground beef will shrink when cooking. Gently put a thumb print in the center, this helps from rising up during the grilling cooking process. Sprinkle salt and pepper on both side. Place them onto a cookie sheet and into the refrigerator till your coals are ready.

Once your coals are ready at the gray-ash state bring your hamburgers out to put onto the grill. Hamburgers are cooked same way as steaks by turning over only one time. If the meat causes a flare up, move with the use of a long spatula off the flare up and set back on same side on the grill. Once the hamburgers have a good sear on them turn them over. Once the hamburgers are cooked, one can add sliced cheese on top, if desired, with indirect heat. Indirect heat is when the lid is on. Now you can go enjoy your yummy hamburgers.