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Adding a Fire Pit to Your Backyard

Fire pits are nice to have for the cooler fall and cold winter months. Pre-made portable Fire Pits are made from steel for durability, that are purchased for use with propane or wood. Many fire pits also include a cooking grate so they can be used as an open grill to cook on.

Their attractive design adds an appeal to a back yard. They come is various shapes, cutout designs to sizes. Even outdoor fireplaces will help one stay warm on cold nights.

Built a block or pavers area to set the fire pits on and add a block seating or chairs that are heat resistant surrounding the fire pit for everyone to sit around and enjoy the heat from fire pits. Add some lighting and keep plenty of wood ready for your fire pit nights.

To help your fire pits last a life time add pea size gravel inside the bottom and top it off with coarse sand. This will help the steel from burning and prevents corrosion in the bottom of a fire pit.

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